Heating & Renewables

Boilers & Central Heating

Gas Safe Engineers based in Northampton.  Whether you are looking for a complete new central heating installation or an upgrade of your existing boiler or system within Northampton or surrounding areas please contact us.  We can arrange to visit your property to advise on the best system suitable for your requirements and provide you with a full written quotation.
Upgrading your old central heating system to new convector radiators, thermostatic radiator valves, programmable room stat along with a condensing boiler, correctly sized and installed pipework could cut your heating and hot water bills.  In turn your property will be energy efficient – helping the environment!

    Underfloor Heating

    Underfloor heating is an effective alternative method to heat your home replacing the need for radiators where underfloor heating is installed. A water underfloor heating system is a series of pipes connected to your boiler to circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the space, similar to radiators. Alternatively, you can connect the underfloor water pipes to a solar water-heating system or Air-Source or Ground-Source Heat Pump. The pipes will be connected to your heat source using a manifold and will also be fitted to a thermostat and zoned enabling you to regulate the temperature. If you are thinking of installing underfloor heating and would like to discuss the possibility in more detail, please get in touch.

      Renewable Energy Heating

      Renewable energy heating such as Earth Source Heat Pumps or Air Source Heat Pumps are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking to install renewable.

      Products in the home: An air source heat pump is a piece of renewable technology that generates hot and cold water. It does this by absorbing heat from the air outside and then using this to heat the radiators and water in your home. Even when temperatures drop to as low as -15° C, your air pump will still continue to absorb heat from the air. An air source heat pump looks similar to an air conditioning unit. They are usually placed outdoors at the side or back of a property. They make very little noise and are powered by electricity.

      The main advantage of Air Source Heat Pumps is that they can help safeguard against the fluctuations in oil and LPG prices that leave homeowners vulnerable to the ever-rising costs of heating their home. The air-to-water pumps can be integrated into UK heating systems with ease, causing minimal disruption to the homeowner. They also eliminate the need for on-site fuel storage and can be used as part of an efficient all-electric heating solution. Furthermore, air-to-water heat pumps offer excellent energy savings compared to alternatives like standard electric, LPG or oil. They can also reduce carbon emissions, whilst offering a more sustainable heating solution than oil and LPG sources.

      As experts within the heating industry, we can help you to develop bespoke heating systems that meet the requirements of even the most complex installations.

      Using the extensive range of products and system accessories offered by various manufacturers, you’d be hard pressed to find another services provider that can match our offering of flexible system solutions.